Student Affairs

Meal Plan Information, Dining Options & Board Plus Dollars

The Claremont Colleges recognize that our students take classes at all the undergraduate colleges, are involved in activities across campus lines, and sometimes just want a change of environment. For this reason, the Colleges participate in a cross-dining relationship, whereby students may enjoy a meal at any of the Colleges' dining halls. One meal will be subtracted from the weekly allotment of meals -- the same as a student who eats a meal on their home campus. Accompanying each meal plan is an allotment of Board Plus dollars per semester. Each Board Plus dollar is equal to one dollar in cash and they are tracked electronically on your student ID card. The Board Plus dollars may be used in a variety of ways. Any of the "cash operations" at the undergraduate Colleges that has a card reader will accept Board Plus dollars in lieu of cash. Students may also bring a guest into the dining halls by using their Board Plus dollars. Board Plus dollars do not "roll over" to the next semester, so it is in your interest to spend them. All students living in the residence halls are required to select one of the CMC meal plans. Students living off-campus or in the Student Apartment Complex have the option of selecting a meal plan. Meal Plan changes should be made during the first week of classes each semester.

For questions about the meal plan prices, see Cost of Tuition and Fees on the Student Accounts site.

Those students who are only at CMC for half a year (i.e. those participating in off-campus study or December Graduates) will have their board plan costs split in half by Student Accounts.