Washington Program

Welcome, Internship Supervisors

A commitment to full-time internships and their prestigious liberal arts background at the Claremont Colleges make the Washington Program interns among the most professional and sought-after interns in Washington. While working full-time, students study academic topics such as foreign policy, Congress, campaigns and finance, the Executive Branch and leadership, and the modern federal system of administrative government.  Students thus apply classroom knowledge to real-world challenges through their 40 hour per week internships.  In addition, the connections they make -- and the colleagues who serve as mentors -- have an enormous impact on their professional lives. Your organization can benefit from the creative minds of the Claremont Colleges’ students.

Interns on the Washington Program are responsible for obtaining their own internships. Program faculty contact prospective interns with current opportunities, and we have an extensive list of organizations available to interns. Please email the Off-Campus Study Office if you have an internship opening or if you are interested in having your organization listed as a prospective internship site.