Washington Program


ParticipantsCongratulations on being accepted to the Washington Program! By building Washington into your college education, you will bolster your education and your future. The Washington Program is an adventure you will never forget and it will deepen and broaden you in ways you never imagined. How much you invest into this experience will determine the real value of your participation. The purpose of this section is to begin the preparation for living and interning in our nation’s capital. To this end, you will find copies of forms you need to complete and an overview of the many things you need to do and think about before you depart.

Before leaving campus, we encourage you to meet with Washington Program alumni, to read the evaluation forms filled out by previous participants, and read a newspaper from Washington, and keep up with current events. You are about to embark on what most students describe as one of the most rewarding, most demanding, and most life-changing experiences they ever encountered. Our goal is to equip you with some practical information to ease your transition to Washington.