Joseph R. Cohen, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

Keck Science
Areas of Expertise:
Biology, Cancer Biology, Cancer Immunotherapy, Cell and Molecular Biology, Neurobiology, Tumor-immunology

(909) 607-8265
Center Court E-9
  • Education
  • Research and Publications
Postgraduate work: University of Pennsylvania, Postgraduate work: National Cancer Institute/National Institutes of Health, Ph.D.: University of California, Los Angeles and B.S.: University of Tampa
  • Huang B, Cohen JR, Fernando RI, Hamilton DH, Litzinger MT, Hodge JW, Palena C. (2013) The embryonic transcription factor Brachyury blocks cell cycle progression and mediate tumor resistance to conventional antitumor therapies. Cell Death Dis. 4:e682.

  • Larocca C, Cohen JR, Fernando RI, Huang B, Hamilton DH, Palena C. (2013) An autocrine loop between TGF-B-1 and the transcription factor brachyury controls the transition of human carcinoma cells into a mesenchymal phenotype.Mol Cancer Ther. 2013 Sep;12(9):1805-15.

  • Cohen, JR, Liau, LM and Waschek, JA (2012) Pediatric Medulloblastoma: Pituitary Adenylyl Cyclase Activating Polypeptide/Protein Kinase A Antagonism of Hedgehog Signaling. In Hayat, MA (Ed) Pediatric Cancer: Diagnosis, Therapy and Prognosis (1st ed., pp129-135). New York, Springer.

  • Cohen, JR, Resnick, DZ, Niewiadomski, P, Dong, H, Liau, LM and Waschek, JA. (2010) “Pituitary adenylyl cyclase activating polypeptide inhibits gli1 gene expression and proliferation in primary medulloblastoma derived tumorsphere cultures.” BMC Cancer. 10:676.

  • Lelievre, V, Seksenyan, A, Nobuta, H, Yong, WH, Chhith, S, Niewiadomski, P, Cohen, JR, Dong, H, Flores, A, Liau, LM, Kornblum, H, P Scott, MP and Waschek, JA (2008) “Disruption Of The PACAP Gene Promotes Medulloblastoma In PTC1 Mutant Mice.” Developmental Biology 313(1):359-70.