Mary F. Evans

Mary F. Evans, Ph.D.

Jerrine and Thomas Mitchell '66 Professor of Environmental Economics and George R. Roberts Fellow

Robert Day School of Economics and Finance
Areas of Expertise:
Environmental Economics, Environmental Policy, Microeconomics

Mary F. Evans
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Bauer Center 329

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  • Research and Publications
Ph.D., M.A., University of Colorado. B.A., James Madison University.
  • Evans, Mary F., The Clean Air Act Watch List: An Enforcement and Compliance Natural Experiment, Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists 3(3): 627-665, 2016.

  • Evans, Mary F., Eric Helland, Jonathan Klick, and Ashwin Patel, The Developmental Effect of State Alcohol Prohibitions at the Turn of the 20th Century, Economic Inquiry 54(2): 762-777, 2016.

  • Evans, Mary F., Christine Poulos, and V. Kerry Smith, Who Counts in Evaluating the Effects of Air Pollution Policies on Households? Non-Market Valuation in the Presence of Dependencies, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 62(1): 65-79, 2011.

  • "A Quantile Estimation Approach to Identify Income and Age Variation in the Value of Statistical Life," Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 59(3): 260-270, 2010 (with Georg Schaur).

  • "Hybrid Allocation Mechanisms for Publicly Provided Goods," Journal of Public Economics 93: 311-325, 2009 (with Christian A. Vossler and Nicholas E. Flores).

  • "Do the “Near” Elderly Value Mortality Risks Differently?," Review of Economics and Statistics 86(1): 423-429, 2004 (with V. Kerry Smith, Hyun Kim, and Donald H. Taylor, Jr.).