Pamela B. Gann

Pamela B. Gann, J.D.

CMC President Emerita and Trustee Professor of Legal Studies Emerita

Areas of Expertise:
International Economic Law and U.S. Foreign Policy, Leadership Studies, Leadership, Economics, Law and Public Policy of Higher Education and of Non-Profit Organizations

Pamela B. Gann
Bauer Center
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Pamela Brooks Gann is the Trustee Professor of Legal Studies Emerita, Senior Fellow of the Kravis Leadership Institute, and President Emerita of Claremont McKenna College, since July 1, 2013. She is also a faculty affiliate of the Center for Studies in Higher Education, UC Berkeley.

A.B., Mathematics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; J.D., Duke University, LL.D., Claremont McKenna College
  • 2013 A. Kenneth Pye Award for Excellence in Education, Duke University School of Law

  • 2013 Distinguished Service Award, Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC)

  • 2004 Award of Distinction, Women of Achievement, YWCA San Gabriel Valley, California

  • 1999 Governor of North Carolina Award for outstanding service

  • 1989 Woman of the Year, NC Association of Women Attorneys

  • International Affairs Fellowship, Council on Foreign Relations, 1987

  • ACE Annual Meeting, Higher Education and Legal Developments, March 2013

  • Headmasters of Country Day Schools, Aspects of American Higher Education, June 2012

  • "Facing the Challenges of a Turbulent Economy." The Presidency. The American Council on Education's Magazine for Higher Education Leaders. Vol. 12, No. 1 (Winter 2009)

  • Asia Society of Hong Kong, Perspectives on Human Capital, Higher Education and China, March 2008

  • "Globalization and Its Impact on Legal Education," 30 Int'l Society of Barristers 414 (October 1995)

  • Report of AALS Special Committee on the State of the Law School Deanship, Law Deanship Manual (with other committee members) (November 1993)

  • Supplement to Corporate Taxation and Taxation of Partnerships and Partners (with D. Kahn) (1981, 1983, 1987, 1988, and 1991)

  • Corporate Taxation and Taxation of Partnerships and Partners (with D. Kahn) (West Publishing Co., 3d ed. 1989) (approximately 1200 pages)