Transfer Credit Policy for First-Year and Transfer Students

CMC students

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Basic Transfer Credit Policies

CMC will consider requests for transfer credit for courses taken at regionally accredited colleges or universities where students have had direct contact with regular college faculty and other degree-seeking college students on a college campus.

Correspondence courses, online/distance learning courses, and other non-traditional programs are not eligible for transfer credit. CMC will not award credit for courses taught at high schools or community centers, courses taught only for high school students, courses that are part of a dual-enrollment high school program, or for college courses taken through a home-schooling program.

One CMC course unit is the equivalent of four-semester units or six-quarter units. Transfer credit converts to CMC units according to this standard conversion formula. Students must earn grades of C or better for courses to transfer to CMC, but those grades will not factor in to the CMC grade point average.

CMC will consider transfer courses worth at least three-semester units or four-quarter units for general education or major requirements. Courses must be comparable to courses offered by The Claremont Colleges during the regular academic year. The minimum requirement for courses to transfer from junior or community colleges is transferability to the University of California or comparable out-of-state academic institutions.

Transfer Credit for First-Year Students

Students entering CMC as first-years may request transfer credit for up to four CMC course units of college credit completed prior to matriculation. Requests for credit are reviewed upon receipt of official college transcripts along with verification from both the high school and the college/university that the courses meet CMC’s transfer requirements. Pre-matriculation credit may be granted in addition to four units for Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate exams. Students may satisfy up to four total GE requirements through transfer credit, AP, study abroad, or other off-campus programs.

Transfer Credit for Transfer Students

There is no limit to the number of courses transfer students may take prior to enrolling at CMC. A maximum of sixteen CMC course units, including Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate exams, may apply toward CMC degree requirements. CMC does not award transfer credit for courses awarded by examination or placement at other academic institutions.

Preliminary Credit Evaluation for Transfer Students

Because CMC does not have articulation agreements with other colleges, it may be difficult to determine how much credit you will be able to transfer to CMC. If you would like a preliminary credit evaluation, please contact the CMC Office of the Registrar at (909) 621-8101 or

CMC awards credit in the following areas, up to a maximum of 4 total units.

AP and IB Credit Summary

CMC awards credit in the following areas, up to a maximum of 4 total units.

Foreign Languages Any AP language or literature exam in French, Spanish, German, Latin, Chinese, or Japanese with score of 4 or 5 One unit of credit equivalent to the third semester in exam language, and fulfillment of the foreign language requirement.
Science Chemistry AP exam with score of 4 or 5 Chemistry IB (HL) exam with score of 6 or 7 One unit of elective credit.
Science Any AP physics exam with score of 4 or 5 Physics IB (HL) exam with score of 6 or 7 One unit of elective credit. (No additional credit for multiple exams.)

AP and IB Placement Summary

CMC awards placement in the following areas. No credit is awarded for these exams.

Computer Science Computer Science AP exam with score of 4 or 5 Computer Science IB (HL) exam with score of 6 or 7 Placement in CSCI 062 CM. Students may waive CSCI 051 CM requirement in the Computer Science Sequence.
Economics Microeconomics and Macroeconomics AP exams with combined score of 9 or 10 Economics IB (HL) exam with score of 6 or 7 Students may satisfy the ECON 050 CM social sciences general education requirement with ECON 101 CM or ECON 102 CM.
English English Literature or English Language AP exam with score of 5 English IB (HL) exam with score of 7 Students may request Literature Department Chair permission to satisfy their FWS 010 CM general education requirement with a CMC Lit course numbered 60 or above.
Mathematics Calculus AB AP exam with score of 4 or 5 Placement in MATH 031 CM.
Mathematics Calculus BC AP exam with score of 4 or 5 Any IB (HL) mathematics exam with score of 6 or 7 Placement in MATH 032 CM.
Psychology Psychology AP exam with score of 5 Psychology IB (HL) exam with score of 7 Students may take any CMC Psychology course numbered below 100 in lieu of PSYC 030 CM.

Please review the 2018–2019 catalog for the most recent transfer credit and placement policy.

This policy is subject to change at any time. Please refer to the catalog for updates.