Transfer Admission Requirements

Applicants must present a record of academic achievement that indicates the ability to do successful work at CMC. There is no minimum gpa required for admission. Nor is there any gpa which will guarantee admission. However, we recommend that applicants have a college gpa of at least 3.3. The Admission Committee also considers factors such as course selection, reasons for transfer, recommendations, extracurricular involvement, writing ability and personal circumstances. Interviews are available for students who have questions about the admission process.

It is advisable that you meet with your college representative early in the transfer process to ensure that courses will transfer to CMC and meet the general education requirements. A grade lower than a "C" will not earn transfer credit at CMC.

CMC requires 32 courses for a Bachelor of Arts degree and you must complete 16 courses while at CMC. Four courses per semester is the normal load. To convert semester units into CMC's course equivalency, divide the number of transferable units by four (e.g., 64 transferable units divided by 4 equals 16 courses). To convert quarter units into CMC course equivalency, divide the transferable units by 6. There is no minimum number of units needed for transfer.