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Modeled on the literary and scientific dining clubs of 19th-century London, the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum was developed to promote both intellectual and social exchange at CMC. It provides an informal, yet elegant atmosphere in which students can meet classmates, faculty, and distinguished guests. This "club" exists for students, so your input concerning new events or guest speakers, as well as menu suggestions, is important. As the new Athenaeum student fellows, Rob Urstein and I welcome your ideas-just let us know what you would like to see at the Athenaeum.

Rob, whose home is in Long Beach, spent his summer in Washington, D.C., working with the historian of the National Portrait Gallery, a branch of the Smithsonian Institution. Now a junior, he will continue his studies in history and literature. I rejoin the rest of the pioneers of the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics program (PPE) this fall to continue writing and discussing material in tutorials. Determined to make the most of my last summer before graduating, I returned to my home in Wheatridge to work and enjoy the amenities of Colorado. I also had the opportunity to travel to Vancouver, British Columbia, during August to see the Expo '86 and explore the surrounding countryside. With the fall semester underway, Rob and I look forward to the projected program of events.

Since the Athenaeum serves a diverse group of persons, we offer a wide variety of functions each year. Special events, such as Sunday brunch or the Madrigal Feast, provide students the opportunity to wear something other than shorts and a T-shirt while enjoying a meal away from Collins. These programs are organized by the Athenaeum staff and normally require a ticket, which may be obtained by completing a reservation slip printed in The Fortnightly and returning it to the Athenaeum. Regular events, including afternoon teas and the "open forum" lunches on Wednesdays, are open to all, and no reservation is required. For events with limited publicity sponsored by CMC clubs, organizations, or departments, reservations are collected via a sign-up sheet circulated by the organizer. Meal card numbers are required from all students, so if you attend a meal you have signed up for at the Athenaeum and show up at Collins, the computer will show "meal eaten." Use the monthly calendars found in The Fortnightly to help you keep track of upcoming events. The Athenaeum exists for CMC students, so take advantage of its programming and enjoy!


The Athenaeum's fall program series got off to a terrific start in early September with a jazz concert from pianist Sandy Owen and an exciting evening with sports columnist Scott Ostler. These events were followed by a two-day symposium on political journalism and Dr. Jean Kilbourne's visit, which offered an insightful analysis of American advertising. Presently, the Athenaeum's dinner theater performances of The Importance of Being Earnest (1895) are being enthusiastically received. If this beginning is any indication, the quality of the Athenaeum programming this year will be outstanding.

We want every student to feel at home here. Thus, we have planned a diverse calendar, and we hope it offers something of interest for everyone.

The Athenaeum is not just for scholarly interaction-we have other fun and games here, too. On Tuesday evening, October 14, we salute "the boys of summer" with a Baseball Party, when we welcome everyone for an evening of big-screen television and baseball fare. Our creative cooks are setting aside conventional Athenaeum menus in favor of all-American favorites, including hot dogs, chili, and peanuts in the shell. Use the coupon for your reserved seat.

On Tuesday evening, November 4, Alan Heslop, professor of government and director of the Rose Institute, probes this fall's Election Day results. No reservations are necessary. Just drop in for big-screen television, conversation, and snacks beginning at 8:00 p.m.