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In featuring Olympic athletes to novelists, Mozart concerti to Bourbon Street jazz, and pretzels to wienerschnitzel, the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum again provides students and faculty alike with a forum for the exchange and exploration of intellectual issues and cultural traditions. The Athenaeum exists for students, and therefore student input regarding programs is especially desirable. As the new Athenaeum student fellows, both Stephanie Lum and I would appreciate receiving any suggestions from the student body.

This past summer I have worked in the CMC admission office. Presently I look forward to continuing my work there, as well as taking up my responsibilities as an Athenaeum student fellow. As far as studying is concerned, I will pursue my interests in literature and government while finishing my general education requirements.

Among my goals as a student fellow is to encourage interaction among faculty and students by means of Athenaeum events. In each issue of The Fortnightly, there are reservation slips for upcoming events. If you are interested in any of them, I urge you to fill out the slips and bring them to the Athenaeum prior to the reservation deadline dates. Some events, such as the afternoon teas and the Wednesday lunches, require no reservations and are open to all students. Take advantage of these occasions to invite professors and fellow students to meet for conversation. Remember, the Athenaeum is yours, and please contact me with any suggestions you may have concerning future events. My room number is Appleby 102. You can reach me there or at the Athenaeum.


As the fall semester gains momentum, remember that the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum continues to offer numerous opportunities for you to step away from daily pressures. Here you can encounter ideas and experiences that are often new, controversial, or simply refreshing. This month the Athenaeum's "Power and Politics in Athletics" symposium is sure to give you a different outlook on the concerns of players and personalities in the highly publicized world of professional and collegiate athletics.

Other events not to miss are continuations of the United States Constitution lecture series, currently spotlighting William Bradford, and the series about California history, featuring Kevin Starr. Both series continue in November. Watch The Fortnightly to catch every episode.

Being a student fellow, I look forward to attending as many Athenaeum-sponsored events as possible, and I hope that you will do the same. Remember that an additional goal for the Athenaeum is to accommodate as many student-sponsored events as possible, but please keep in mind that we often have more scheduling flexibility for lunches and teas than for dinners.

Also, there are many work opportunities the Athenaeum offers to enterprising students; our master chef, Terri, is presently looking for good workers in the kitchen to keep operations running smoothly.

Most of all, I stress that while our programs for the year will encompass a broad range of interests in an effort to appeal to you, if you feel that we are overlooking a topic or theme, please contact me or James Van Beek at the Athenaeum, x8244. We are always open to your comments and suggestions.