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The Bush Administration: What Does It Want? What's It Going to Get? What Are We Going to Get?
DICK SWEENEY, moderator

0n February 9, 1989, President Bush addressed a joint session of Congress and outlined his plans for the new administration. What does he really want from Congress? What is he going to get? And how about us-are we going to get higher taxes? a stalemate between the president and Congress? war? peace? boredom?

Traditionally a new president sets the tone, direction, and pace of his administration during its first 100 days. Often a new president's first address to Congress provides major clues about where the administration is heading. Already the news pages and opinion columns are carrying mixed reviews on how well the administration is doing.

To evaluate what George Bush has done so far and what the outlook is for his presidency, Phi Beta Kappa has put together a panel of political scientists and economists. Ward Elliott of CMC`s government department, Daniel Mazmanian of the Graduate Center for Politics and Policy, and Nancy Burnett and Craig Stubblebine from CMC's economics department are the panelists; CMC economist Dick Sweeney chairs the no-holds-barred exchange of views. Everyone is invited, and there will be plenty of time set aside for comments and questions from the floor. Use the reservation form, if you wish to attend the 5:30 reception and 6:00 dinner prior to the panel.