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The Challenge to Literature and Publishing in Post-Communist Poland

In the midst of martial law in Poland, the Solidarity movement gained great momentum. Dr. Jerzy Illg was instrumental in its success. From 1983 to 1989, IlIg edited NaGlos, a spoken periodical presented to the audience directly by the authors, who could in that way deliver their texts without any censorship.

Illg continues to serve as an editor of NaGlos, one of Poland's most prestigious literary periodicals. Since 1991 he has been editor-in-chief of ZNAK, one of Poland's most important publishing houses. A journalist and literary critic, Illg has also lectured on 19th and 20th century Polish literature at Silesian University and published works on Milan Kundera and Joseph Brodsky.

A major figure in publishing and literary criticism in post-communist Poland, Illg will lecture on the challenges the future holds for literature in Eastern Europe.

Please join us for this fascinating look inside today's post-communist world.