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Global Warming and Climate Change: A Roberts Environmental Center Annual Snapshot

Is global warming real? Is it caused by fossil fuel burning? Solar variability? Will the Pacific Ocean soon be lapping at the Claremont shore? Will U.S. crop yields decline by 80% in our students’ lifetimes, and coral reefs dissolve in acidified sea water even sooner? And anyway, even if there is a problem, can we solve it by dumping iron filings into the sea, or injecting sulfate aerosols into the sky? Emil Morhardt, Director of the Roberts Environmental Center and Roberts Professor of Environmental Biology at Claremont McKenna College will answer these and many more similar questions, prefaced by a 4.5 billion year history of global warming (and cooling), and bolstered by some recent interesting scientific data of the sort that find their way into the Center’s annual publications on the subject.

Before coming to CMC in 1996, Morhardt taught environmental physiology and studied mammalian and avian temperature regulation at Washington University in St. Louis, then took a 20-year detour into business, ultimately as a Sr. Vice President with EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., an environmental consulting firm whose clients included most U.S. electrical utilities, several major oil companies, several branches of the U.S. Military, and many municipal water utilities including the City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.