2020 SIE Program Frequently Asked Questions

2020 SIE COVID19 Modifications

Yes. For 2020, SIE will be funding remote internships. That funding is still based on the budget the student turns in with their application. For students whose internships might transition from remote to in-person, at this time SIE will process the remote portion of the stipend only. If the internship transitions to in-person at a later date, the student will submit another budget and a second stipend will be processed.

For expenses incurred in pursuing a rmeote internship or experience, SIE will consider funding costs such as internet access, some software applications, and food costs.  We, unfortunately, are not able to help offset "rent or utility charges" by family members.  We are also unable to fund the purchase of computer equipment.

For summer internships and experiences that involve travel, SIE will only release funding when we have confirmed that the student will be safe and secure in their internship/experience.  Student safety is paramount.  There, SIE wil not fund any flights or accommodation related to travel to another location until the shelter-in-place orders are lifted in both the departure city and destination city..

Yes! SIE will fund internships that start in the Spring semester (aka- “early” internships). In almost all cases this will be students starting their summer internships early.

Yes! For this year only, this year SIE will fund academic programs. These programs could also include summer courses and language courses. However, students are NOT allowed to receive credit towards CMC graduation from their academic programs.

Yes, within reason. Many remote internships are not full time (15-25 hours are not uncommon) so students will naturally kluge these opportunities together. We will ask for only one budget and one application with both opportunities mentioned in the application. This is also true for any concurrent remote/in-person or in-person/in-person opportunities.

No. CMC had designed the CMC Impact Fellowship to meet the needs of graduating seniors in the class of 2020.

SIE may allow students who did not apply to SIE by the original March 2nd deadline, but whose summer plans have been impacted by COVID19, to apply for SIE support on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Evan Wollen at ewollen@cmc.edu for further information.

SIE will not release funding until we have confirmed that the student will be safe and secure in their internship/experience. Student safety is paramount. Therefore, SIE will not fund any flights or accommodation related to travel to another location until the shelter-in-place orders are lifted in both the departure city and destination city. For context, LA County’s order is currently in place until May 15th.

Like any SIE cycle, SIE will not fund an international student’s airfare to their home country, but will fund the other costs associated with a Domestic Internship for that student. See above for our remote internship and shelter-in-place policy restrictions.

Like any SIE cycle, SIE will not fund an international student’s airfare to their home country, but will fund the other costs associated with a Domestic Internship for that student. See above for our remote internship and shelter-in-place policy restrictions.

Like any SIE cycle, SIE will not fund an international student’s airfare back to the US if they decided to go home for the Spring semester. SIE will fund the other costs associated with a Domestic Internship. See above for our remote internships and shelter-in-place policy restrictions.

SIE Basics

Internships are structured, supervised and lasting a minimum of 8 weeks. Experiences are a form of experiential learning in a structured or instructed environment lasting a minimum of 4 weeks. We fund both, but the program preference is for internships.

Career Services has resources available to help you navigate your internship search process and identify internships that you are interested in applying for. These resources are:

Student Internship Database: The Internship Database is a searchable database of every internship conducted by a CMC student since 2013. You can filter through various internship positions that SIE students have held in the past. You can access the database here.

Career Coaches: Career coaching at CMC is organized by interest clusters and each Career Coach specializes in a few different cluster areas. If you’d like to talk to a Coach about internships, we encourage you to set up an appointment with the Coach whose interest cluster most closely aligns to your internship interest. Coaching appointments can be made via Handshake.

Career Service Mentors: Career Service Mentors can help you prepare your application with cover letter help, resume review, and general application advice. Career Service Mentors are available for walk-in appointments, Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm in the Soll Center for Student Opportunity.

Take a look at CMC’s Unique Opportunities Page for some interesting opportunities open only to CMC students.

For students specifically looking for international internships, two excellent resources are Omprakash and GoinGlobal.

If you are unsure of what interest cluster applies to your internship search, please make an appointment with any Career Coach. If you are a First Year, make an appointment with Amy Hendrickson (via Handshake) for a First Year Coaching appointment.

It is never too early to start looking. However, many great opportunities don’t open until the spring. Talk to the career coach of the interest cluster that you are interested in conducting an internship about that interest cluster’s particular internship search timeline.

The Kravis Opportunity Fund supports summer internships/experiences for First-Year CMC students who are on financial aid. KOF recipients can intern for organizations in any interest cluster, for both non-profits and for-profits, located domestically or internationally. Students who are KOF-eligible should see Evan Wollen (ewollen@cmc.edu), Assistant Director for SIE, to verify their KOF eligibility and to discuss their summer plans.

If you receive an SIE stipend, you are required to have your host organization supervisor fill out an evaluation on you and you need to write a 2-3 page reflection paper. Both documents are due Monday, September 14th, 2020. Students interning in the developing world will be required to complete the CMC Edge Program powered by Omprakash, an online pre-departure course.


All Experiences

All International Internships

All Domestic Internships in: Non-Profit & Social Enterprise Government, Law & Public Policy Medicine, Healthcare & Biotech Science & Environment

There is limited funding for Domestic Internships in the following interest clusters:  Creative & Entertainment, Technology & Entrepreneurship

Unless a student is a scholar community student or Kravis Opportunity Fund eligible, with few exceptions the SIE program does not fund Domestic Internships in: Accounting & Financial Services, Consulting

Yes! Apply! Only about 30% of students have accepted an internship offer by March 2nd, the SIE deadline. You can still be selected without a confirmed internship. In fact, the majority of selectees haven’t accepted an internship when they receive their award letter. However, you must accept an internship offer before your SIE stipend will be released to you.

First-Years, Sophomores and Juniors are eligible for SIE Funding (Classes of 2021, 2022, and 2023) with an emphasis on First-Years and Sophomores. We believe that earlier experiences are more transformative, particularly during the first two years of college. By Junior Year, we hope that you will have gained enough knowledge to focus on a particular career sector, so that you have the opportunity to gain valuable career experiences during your Junior summer to help you in your full-time recruitment.

Please notify Evan Wollen (ewollen@cmc.edu) of the changes to your proposed internship plans. He can advise you about how your internship changes will affect your SIE funding options.

Yes, you still need to apply to SIE. This is how you access your experiential learning stipend.

Yes, as long as your responsibilities are significantly different from those of last summer.

Yes, you can use an internship provider to help you find your internship. However, the SIE program will generally not pay the 3rd Party Program fee. Look closely at what the organization provides and ask for an itemized list of what you are paying for. In some cases, SIE will fund food, lodging, and travel expenses even if those are provided by the 3rd Party Internship Provider. SIE will not cover the administrative cost that pays for the organization to find you an internship placement.

In general, no. The SIE program cannot fund summer courses that result in CMC graduation credit. If you have any questions about whether this restriction pertains to your planned experience, contact Evan Wollen.

Yes. There is a special exception for students whose summers are shortened by their study abroad commitments. As long as your internship is at least 6 weeks long, you may be considered for funding. But your award amount will be prorated accordingly.

No, it is not. Except for the above study abroad exception, internships must be 8 weeks long. Anything of less duration would be considered an experience.


The Application Deadline for all programs is March 2, 2020. International Applications are guaranteed a decision by March 30, 2020. Domestic Applications are guaranteed a decision by April 15, 2020.

A complete SIE Application has an application, 4-6 essay questions, a faculty reference (as opposed to a letter of recommendation), your resume, your unofficial transcript, and your budget. If you are applying for an international opportunity, you will also have to submit the Center for Disease Control and the State Department reports on your intended internship country.

SIE Funding is allocated based on an estimated budget that you provide. There are sample budget templates in SMApply for you to use. Examples of items that should be considered when making your budget include housing costs, airfare, food, local transportation, small incidentals, etc. Be sure to list any form of compensation or salary that you expect to receive from your internship employer. Even if you have not accepted an internship yet, you must put together an estimated budget.

SMApply has a simple and straightforward Budget template for you to use. Please see the SIE Budget Guide for details.   If you have any other questions, contact Evan Wollen (ewollen@cmc.edu) for more in-depth issues.

No. Please submit only one SIE application. If your internship plans radically change after you submit your application, immediately contact Evan Wollen (ewollen@cmc.edu), Assistant Director for the SIE program, to discuss your application options.

Acceptance Letter

Your acceptance letter should be scanned and posted to your application in SMApply. It should include a Point-of-Contact at your internship host organization, internship dates, pay status (and if paid, the hourly/weekly/summer wage), and your responsibilities. The letter can also be an e-mail with the same information, and an e-mail address for the Point-of-Contact.

Once you accept an internship or job offer, either verbally or in writing, an employment contract has been created. This contract represents an obligation that you are ethically required to uphold. Before you say “yes” to an offer, consider your options carefully and ask for more time to make your decision if you need it. You can always take at least 24 hours before accepting a role and use this time to consult with others for advice, including a Career Coach. If you do accept an offer, you have made a commitment to that employer and it is your ethical responsibility to discontinue interviewing with all other employers, including those who come through to campus. Failure to adhere to your responsibilities may lead to a series of consequences, including the revoking of any SIE funding, revoking of all recruiting privileges (online and in-person) at the college, as well as possible further disciplinary action.


Your award letter directs you back into SMApply for some additional documents that need to be completed. Once these documents are complete and you hit the submit button, your stipend check will be processed. It generally takes about two weeks. If you complete these tasks by Friday, April 24th, the stipend check will be sent to your Story House Mailbox (so check your mailbox right before you leave campus). If you submit your documents after that date, or you are off-campus for the semester, the check will be mailed to the home mailing address you provide in your application. Please make sure that mailing address is accurate and is off-campus.

We expect that if you receive compensation from your employer, you will include that money in your budget. If your proposal is selected for funding, we may reduce your award amount, depending on your compensation and related expenses. Be sure to include any anticipated compensation form your host organization in your budget and in your application.

It may, depending on your internship expenses. As such, you must report all sources of internship funding on your SIE application.

Internship Credit

Both are CMC courses. INT 98 awards a note on your student transcript, but no academic credit. INT 198 awards academic credit for internships and is taken during the summer. For both, the assignments are due on September 14th, 2020.

Go to the CMC Registrar’s website to learn more about your internship registration options, and to register.

Yes. You are responsible for finding your own faculty reader. Remember, you will be working closely with your reader over the summer.