Employer Profile: Optimity

We have asked employers to give us some information about who they are and some opportunities available to students. Here is some information about one of our employers: Optimity!

Optimity Advisors Logo​Optimity Advisors is a specialized management consulting and advisory firm that focuses on strategy, operations and IT. We combine industry expertise and integrated solutions to help companies enhance stakeholder value, improve operations, and address performance and risk related challenges. Optimity is an entrepreneurial firm that looks for the best and brightest people to become part of a fast, fun and diverse culture. 

We are currently seeking highly motivated individuals to join our team of full-time management consultants in our Washington, D.C., New York, N.Y., and Los Angeles, CA offices.  Our company is comprised of over 300 professional advisors with deep domain expertise in strategy, operational transformation, business intelligence, technology and regulatory compliance.  Optimity Advisors informs organizations through knowledge and expertise, transforms organizations through practical innovation, and helps organizations outperform their industry through the bottom-line impact created by strategic and operational excellence.  We work primarily in the healthcare, financial services, insurance and media industries.

1. What type of internship or entry level roles do you hire for?

Optimity is looking to hire associates at one of the domestic office locations in either Los Angeles, Washington DC, or New York. Optimity Advisors is a specialized management consulting and advisory firm that focuses on strategy, operations and IT working with primarily in the healthcare, financial services, insurance, and media industries. Using our industry experience and integrated solutions, we help clients in complex industries navigate rapid market and technological changes. We work with companies to enhance stakeholder value, improve operations, and address performance and risk-related challenges.

As an Associate, you’ll have the opportunity to support and drive these efforts. 

2. What is the best thing about working at your firm?

My favorite part of this company is that from day one, your opinion matters. Everyone in the office hears how the company is doing from financials to corporate culture and is allowed to weigh in on small things like office dress code, to big things like target clients and areas of corporate growth. Within the first week of starting, the CEO knew my name and by the second month, he was personally checking in on me to see how I was doing. That level of commitment to an organization and not just an output is incredibly difficult to do in a multi-national organization and I really appreciate it.

3. What does your training program look like for new hires?

When a new hire joins Optimity, they are immediately paired with an “Optibuddy” which is another Associate to answer any preliminary questions the new hire might have. During their first week, all new hires will be flown to a central location to attend Associate Boot Camp. This boot camp was proposed and executed by associates who wanted to see a stronger training program than we had a few years ago and they put in the effort and leadership to make it happen.

4. Can you share with us a “fun fact” about your organization? Pets at work? Free gym membership?

Due to the company’s commitment to keeping the offices connected across the company and the design visions of the CEO, you always know when you’re in an Optimity office even if it’s half way across the country or across the world. It has the feeling of déjà vu when you use the same key fob, coffee maker, and garbage can, but it also feels like the employees that you’re working with belong to the same office because of our yearly retreats and our cross-office, collaborative culture.