Making the Most of Your Thanksgiving Break

On the last day of classes before the Thanksgiving Holiday, we went around to the Career Services staff and asked them about their recommendations to students as we enter the 4-day break. Here are a few responses that may surprise you:

Jason JeffreyAssistant Director, Sponsored Internship Program Coordinator

My best advice for Thanksgiving break is to relax and disconnect from CMC (unless you’re a senior completing a fall thesis, in which case, remember Dell Taco’s open Thanksgiving Day). Thanksgiving break provides an opportunity to pause, decompress, reconnect, and recharge after surviving three-quarters of the semester but before the onslaught of finals. Embrace the break for what it is: a vacation!  Don’t worry about your internship or even full-time search. The organizations you’re most likely interested in/have applied to will be closed over the break. Try not to worry about your academics as well (though use this time to catch up if you need to). Instead, endeavor to relax, unwind, and feel grateful for many the blessings in your life. If you do, you’ll return to campus with renewed energy and focus, ready to crush whatever stands between you and the long winter break (when you should devote time to your internship search).

Scott BusielAssistant Director, Event & Social Media Coordinator

Right before you leave for the break, take some time to consider what needs to be done in the last few weeks of school. Decide what needs to be done ASAP and what can wait until next week. Likely, there are a few assignments and papers that need to be finished over the holiday. Take the time to complete those, but really focus on spending the time with family, friends, and/or loved ones. Give gratitude to the individuals who have helped you and for your experiences during you’re the first few months of the fall semester. In order to finish the semester with your best foot forward, you need to take care of yourself now. If you are in need of finishing up applications for internships, graduate schools, or full-time positions, plan out when you will be completing these tasks as to maximize the time with your loved ones. Remember, this is a break! It is essential that you stay true to your commitments even though you will get some time away.

Enjoy the next few days, and we hope to see you in the upcoming weeks! To individuals who celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving.

The Career Services Team