What's Next?

So you didn’t get the job, what now? Instead of focusing on the rejection, focus on the next opportunity that comes your way but turning this into a positive.

Talk to your interviewer or reader and ask if they have any feedback. Thank them for their time, while letting them know that you’re still interested and would appreciate future consideration. Getting feedback is hard, but having the courage to ask has it’s rewards.

Brush up on your skills. Bring your resume to Career Services for a second opinion and pick up our Career Services guide for interview tips or even schedule a practice interview. You can also use Interview Stream to watch videos of yourself in a mock interview setting.

Stay connected with the organization. Look for future opportunities to apply. This is a great chance to practice networking, and the employer already knows you. Even if this doesn’t lead to something with the organization in the future, they can recommend you to other companies.

Conduct a wider search. You can set up a job search agent for yourself (include how to) to alert you when a job that interests you comes through career services. You can also check out WayUp to work jobs remotely or serve as a campus rep for companies.

Find other commitments. Clubs and organizations on campus can also provide relevant and applicable skills and experience. There are many clubs and organizations open to students, and this could lead to leadership involvement later down the road. Here’s a list of what CMC has to offer:


Don't lose hope. Continue to check ClaremontConnect for additional opportunities! On-campus employers will post jobs, as they become available. Consider working at a dining hall to get that valuable customer service experience.

Claire Klein

Career Services Intern, Marketing


Claire is a Sophomore at CMC studying Psychology and Spanish. She is a featured writer with The CSC Chronicles. In her free time she likes to play with dogs that aren’t hers and to splash in the fountains around campus.