Community Service Internship Program

The CMC Community Service Internship Program (CSIP) provides stipends for students to participate in a summer internship working with a non-profit organization/ program of their choosing.  Funded by private and corporate donations, CSIP allows students to work for organizations that typically do not possess the financial resources to pay interns.

Successful proposals will meet the following criteria:

  1. Preference will be given to proposals in which the intern will be providing a direct service to the local community.Service(s) should be open to the community at-large, not limited by membership or affiliation.

  2. The internship should be developed specifically for this program (as opposed to an existing, recurring internship position).

  3. The student should leave a lasting, tangible contribution that will directly assist the organization (such as a manual, database, or new social media).

  4. The internship should provide the student with meaningful responsibilities and allow the student to explore the leadership dynamics of the organization.

Program Description, Application & Instructions