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Navigating a Career Fair

So, classes have officially begun. And there is a career fair right around the corner, even before you all get the chance to fully settle into the semester. Don’t panic! While the first few weeks of the fall semester can be hectic, I want to provide a few tips that will help you put your “best foot forward” when it comes to engaging with employers.

Do your research. We use the Handshake platform. Please reach out to our office if you are having trouble navigating the new system. We have some introductory instructions to get your profile started.

Student Opportunity Center Opens

Claremont McKenna College is excited to announce the creation of a new student opportunity center. 

The Center will house, broaden, and integrate Career Services, the Robert Day Scholars' program external relations team, and dedicated support for our scholar communities with complementary advising, counseling, mentoring, and networking services.  The Center will also provide an attractive venue for mentoring and advising by our dedicated staff, alumni, and parents.

Companies Invited to Expanded Career Fair

Friday, September 8, 2017, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Roberts Pavilion
690 N. Mills Ave., Claremont, CA 91711

Please join the Soll Center for Student Opportunity in CMC’s Roberts Pavilion for our expanded Career Expo. Building on our years of strength in offering industry-focused events for consulting and financial services/accounting, we are excited to expand our offerings to three more industries in 2017: non-profit/government, healthcare/sciences and technology.

Making the Transition from Your Summer Internship/Job

So, it is nearing the end of summer “vacation,” and you may be preparing to head back to college. This summer opportunity is a valuable asset to your portfolio of experiences, so it is essential that you leave on great terms. This could be the opportunity that leads into a full-time, post-graduate job offer. Whether your internship/job is completed or you still have a few weeks remaining, here are some tips on making a successful transition:

Developing Your Personal Brand

It’s hard to believe that we are a month into the spring semester! As internship season is well-underway, and folks are continuing to search for full-time opportunities or graduate school, I want to highlight the importance of developing something truly unique and valuable. Oftentimes, we don’t stop and reflect on our own identity. Who am I? What makes me a successful team member? These are some questions that I ask myself regularly. These are the questions that will lead you to developing your own personal brand.

The Power of Authenticity

Welcome back to CMC, and happy new year! I hope that classes are treating you well upon your return to Claremont. The staff has done a lot of preparation for recruitment, internships, and events for the spring, and we are excited to share those opportunities with you. The staff recognizes that many of you are likely in the midst of an internship or job search, so I wanted to reach out with a powerful article that has been floating around LinkedIn recently.

Making the Most of Your Thanksgiving Break

On the last day of classes before the Thanksgiving Holiday, we went around to the Career Services staff and asked them about their recommendations to students as we enter the 4-day break. Here are a few responses that may surprise you:

Jason JeffreyAssistant Director, Sponsored Internship Program Coordinator

The Value of Mentorship

When you think of the term “mentor,” what are some things that come to mind? You may have some broad sweeping ideas. Historically, it has been challenging to come up with the purposes of mentorship and the tangible characteristics that make a strong mentor. I think that is due to the individual nature of the term and role. According to Jacobi (1991), mentors are used for three major purposes:

Are You Prepared for the Interview Meal?

I want to spend some time chatting and getting individuals to think about another type of interview: The interview meal. Oftentimes, we prepare so much for the behavioral, technical, or case interviews on-site that we don’t think about the “less formal” types of interviews. Keep in mind that the interview meals are still interviews, even if the employers indicate this is more for the social experience! While it is true that they are more social, it is important not to let your guard down during the lunches or dinners. They can be a good determinate of fit within the organization.

#SIPstory Instagram Contest

With the increasing need to get experience for full-time jobs, graduate school, and professional opportunities, internships are becoming more competitive. Many nonprofit, government, and social service agencies don’t have the capacity to pay, and we know that many students need money for their summer experiences. Career Services has a Sponsored Internship Program that can help. Each year the program supports students domestically and internationally through the sponsorship of 10 programs and fellowships across campus.