Designing Your Future Checklist

How do you know when you have developed a plan of action and can start implementing your career goals? You are ready to start when you have completed the following activities:

  • I have created a Personal Implementation Plan and reviewed it with a Career Coach.
  • I have a Handshake account that contains my career interest preferences and an uploaded resume.
  • I have uploaded my resume to be reviewed by VMock software.
  • I have had my cover letter/personal statements reviewed by Career Services and other advisors.
  • I have built out a solid LinkedIn profile.
  • I have prepared a portfolio of work samples to highlight my experiences, skills and talents.
  • I have identified three individuals that will serve as references/recommenders (if needed).
  • I have developed an elevator pitch that highlights my unique combination of skills, interests and values, shares what I learned/enjoyed from my previous experiences, and weaves this information together to explain why I am interested in a specific opportunity.
  • I have had a mock behavioral interview from someone in Career Services and received feedback.
  • I have a professional outfit ready for my interview.
  • I have prepared 4-5 responses to likely interview questions using the S-T-A-R method.


How do I know that I have transitioned from Narrowed Exploratory Networking to Strategic Networking?

  • I have a list of at least 5 strategic networking contacts and have a plan in place to develop more.
  • I have a list of questions that I am prepared to ask the strategic networking contacts that are specific to their fields of interests.
  • I have amended my networking outreach email to specifically address why I am reaching out to this specific contact.
  • I am regularly (3-5 advisors per week) reaching out to advisors (e.g. my personal network, current students, alumni, employers, etc.) to continue learning, seek guidance on opportunities within the field, and request assistance through the application process.
  • I reach back out to contacts who I have spoken to and who work within my target organizations to notify them of my application, seek assistance in preparing for interviews, etc.
  • I continue to seek out new contacts within my target organizations to learn about their experience.