Exploration Checklist

How do you know when you have done enough exploration to start planning your future? You will be ready when you have completed the following tasks:

  • I have researched organizations that are in my field(s) of interest, including typical entry-level roles, recruiting timelines, salaries and geographic locations.
  • I have established a target list of organizations (at least 10).
  • I can articulate the titles of roles that I qualify for, the typical path that students pursue to apply, prepare and interview for that role, and the range of exit/next opportunities that often stem from that entry level role.
  • I have penciled out a flexible plan to help me achieve (insert goal here!)


Broad Exploratory Networking:

  • I am aware of and attend info sessions, career fairs/meet-ups, Ath events, athletic events, networking treks, workshops, and office hours to derive the fullest benefit of being on-campus.
  • I am engaged in exploratory networking by talking to my family, friends, advisors (faculty, staff, former supervisors), upperclassmen, and alumni to learn what they like about their careers, where they started, and what they learned along the way.
  • I have drafted a networking email that I will use to engage in exploratory networking.
  • I have developed a separate Gmail folder, Excel document or other method of tracking my outreach, discussion and promised follow-up activities.