Graduate Professional School Resources

The first step in applying to graduate/professional school is to think about your reasons for attending. Research the career fields that interest you and the requirements for getting into them. Graduate/professional school is competitive so be honest with yourself about your chances of admission. Graduate/professional school can also be very expensive and is an enormous time commitment. It is important that you spend time thinking about your reasons for wanting to go. If you are indecisive or confused about graduate/professional school, consult the resources in Career Services, talk with a professional staff member, or talk with CMC faculty to help you decide.

The following resources may be useful in assisting you as you plan for graduate school after CMC (list is currently under construction):

Graduate School Testing information click here: (scroll to Graduate School Information and Graduate School Testing sections)

Graduate School Advising for the Sciences click here:

Graduate School Advising for the Pre-Health Professions click here:

Pre-Law Handbook click here:

Who's My Counselor click here: