The Appel Fellowship for First Year Students

The Appel Fellowship provides first-year students up to $4000 for domestic projects and up to $6000 for international projects to support purposeful, independent experiences that culminate in a meaningful writing project. This Fellowship is meant to enhance the first-year experience by encouraging students to engage in independent writing projects that have the potential to be life-transforming. The ultimate goals of the Appel fellowship are to give students an opportunity to experience writing in a way that may shape the course of their lives in new and exciting ways and to encourage students to share these experiences with others by crafting a written project.

Please visit CMC’s Sponsored Internship page to apply.

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Appel Fellows

2017-2018 Appel Fellows

Nick Sage '20
Jafar Daniel ’20
Gabe Gluskin-Braun ’20
Shreya Bhatnagar ’20
Taylor Hughes ’20
Isaiah Tulanda ’20
Zoey Ryu ’20
Becky Chung ’20

2016-2017 Appel Fellows

Chloe Cho
Emma Henson
Valerie Huang
Nick LaBerge
Blake Lapin
Bryn Miller
Reyna Wang
Melia Wong