Admission Policies

The Children's School at Claremont McKenna College provides a language based, developmentally appropriate program for children ranging in age from two to six years. It accommodates children from the Claremont College community and from the community at large.

Parents who are interested in having their children attend the school are encouraged to contact the school office to acquire information and to arrange a visit and a personal interview. If after their visit and an interview the parents choose to enroll their children, they are asked to complete an application for admission, if the school feels confident that it can meet well the children's physical, emotional, social, and cognitive needs. The completed application is then kept on file in the school office.

Children are added to the waiting list according to their date of application. When openings in the school become available, parents of children on the waiting list are contacted. Children with the earliest application dates are contacted first, although priority is given to those applicants who have a direct affiliation with the school.