We believe in an eclectic approach to early childhood education. We see children as individuals who learn in many different ways and therefore approach learning experiences from as many directions as possible to foster understanding.

Play is children's work and their primary avenue to understanding their world. Play is a means of relating to others, developing concepts, and understanding adult roles through imitation. We believe that both the inside and the outside environments should lend themselves to children's play and have movable equipment so that children can arrange their environments to meet their interests and needs.

Positive self-image is important. We believe that children should be self-motivated, as independent as possible at any one time, and should have opportunities to be successful. We help children to succeed by matching the learning environment to their abilities. We give positive feedback and encouragement to the children, are supportive of their attempts, help them when they need or want assistance, and reinforce feelings of self-reliance.

We respect individuals and individual differences. We begin with children as they are and encourage growth socially, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Rather than a preconceived beginning or ending place for each child at each age, we foster individual growth in a noncompetitive, cooperative environment.