Online Tour

Welcome to the Children's School online tour. We hope this tour will help you understand The Children's School a bit better. If you like what you see here, be sure to contact us. Enjoy our tour!

Children's School Plaque We are located on the southwest corner of 6th Street and Claremont Boulevard.

Wide Shot of Children's School This is a wide shot of The Children's School.

Children's School Walkway This is one of the walkways on The Children's School grounds. Along the walkways you will see well maintained landscape.

Flowers growing outside the cottages Beautiful colored flowers grow right outside the cottages.

Children speaking in hallways Here are children interacting with one another on one of the walkways within The Children's School.

colorful planter There are many colorful planters like this one around the school grounds.

Large Play Area At The Children's School there is a large play area for the children.

Bridge outside the cottages Here is a little bridge with colorful plants outside one of the cottages.

Bicycles Bicycles outside one of the other cottages.

play area A view of the play area outside the cottages.

inside a classroom Inside one of the classrooms as the sun peers through the window.

a display of the children's artowrk Inside the classroom a wall displaying the children's artwork.