Mathematical Sciences

CMC offers a strong and comprehensive mathematics major along with a solid sequence in computer science. In addition to standard major tracks in pure and applied mathematics, we also offer students an option to combine the study of mathematics with a second field by completing a dual major.

In addition to a large variety of math and CS courses offered at the Claremont Colleges every semester, we have a variety of great opportunities for undergraduate research. You can also read about some sample senior thesis topics, which can be pursued under the direction of our faculty.

We are an active and vibrant mathematical community, and our students continue on to graduate studies as well as a variety of careers in mathematical sciences and related fields.


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Mathematical Sciences Department

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The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers programs of study in pure and applied mathematics which help to prepare students for graduate education in mathematical sciences, natural sciences, economics, or engineering. Many mathematics majors pursue careers in business, industry, or finance immediately upon graduation or combine their major with pre-law or pre-med programs.

The general mathematics program allows for more flexibility in choices of electives and lets students see an array of mathematical points of view. Students who might want to teach at the K-12 level or who may enter the actuarial profession will be well served by the general major, but those considering graduate study in mathematics should choose the pure or applied option.

Computer science is the body of knowledge related to the use of precise methodology for problem solving and information analysis. It contains both theory and practice, and this sequence is designed for liberal arts students to gain proficiency in both these areas. The sequence begins with the core courses that introduce fundamental concepts and elementary programming using modern programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, and R, as well as database protocols and web programming through HTML and Java script.

The student also learns in these introductory courses the basic theory, including how the time needed by algorithms scale with input size, and abstract structures for organizing data. The sequence then continues with electives where a student can pursue specific interests in computer science. Completion of the sequence is listed on students’ transcripts.

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There are many online resources on careers and graduate school options here.

Professor O'Neill also created a page to help with applying to graduate programs.

Our department is a member of the Claremont Center for Mathematics Sciences (CCMS), which is a joint venture of the math departments of all the Claremont Colleges. In addition to a variety of workshops and special events, a full range of regular weekly seminars and colloquia run under the auspices of CCMS. A calendar of mathematics events is also maintained on the CCMS website.

There is also a list of Math and CS Departments across the Claremont Colleges here.


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