Academic Integrity Checklist

This assignment is a product of my own effort; I did not collaborate with others in its completion except as expressly permitted by the instructor.

I have acknowledged the use of another’s ideas with accurate quotations and citations.

When paraphrasing the work of others, I put the idea into my own words and did not simply change a few words or rearrange the sentence.

I have provided accurate citation for sources of reproduced data summaries, tables, graphs and illustrations.

Apart from the material that is in direct quotation, everything else is in my own words.

I have provided a full bibliography of my sources, according to the documentation style required by my instructor.

I have kept notes regarding all of my sources of information and ideas.

This is the first time I have submitted this assignment (in whole or in part) for credit, or I have obtained permission of my instructor to cite my previous work in this assignment.

I have kept my work to myself and did not share answers/content with others, unless otherwise directed by my instructor.

I understand the consequences of violating Claremont McKenna College’s Academic Integrity Policy.