When and How to Request Accommodations

  1. If you wish to access disability support services you must self-identify your need for accommodations in advance with the Dean of Students Office. You may do so by submitting a completed “Request for Disability Support Services” form (available here or from the Dean of Students office) along with current documentation which establishes that you have a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (see “Documentation” for further details). It is recommended that you submit your request form and documentation after acceptance of admission to CMC but prior to your first semester so that appropriate accommodations can be in place at the beginning of your college career. Your request form and documentation will be reviewed and you will be notified if the documentation is acceptable and complete, or if further information is required. Once eligibility is established, you will be notified in writing of your approved accommodation(s). If you would like to meet with a staff member to discuss your approved accommodation(s) please contact disabilityservices@cmc.edu or 909-621-8114 to schedule an appointment.
  2. While you may register for disability support services and request accommodations after the school year has started, there is a 15 business day waiting period in order for us to process and review your request and documentation, and accommodations will not be immediately available. You may request accommodations at any point in a semester; however accommodations cannot be applied retroactively.

Housing Accommodations

See below for more information on dates related to housing accommodations. Please see the Appropriate Documentation page for more information about documentation for housing accommodations. 

  • Mid-year room draw (Spring 2019)
    • Current Students
      • Deadline to request- Friday, November 2
    • Students returning from leave
      • Deadline to request- Friday, November 2
  • Room Draw (Academic Year 2019-2020)
    • Current Students
      • Deadline to request- Monday, March 4
    • Students returning from leave
      • Deadline to request- Friday, March 22
    • Incoming students
      • Deadline to request- Saturday, June 1
        • Note: This is the same day that the New Student Housing Preference form is due.
    • Transfer students
      • Are not guaranteed on-campus housing by the College. If a transfer student seeks housing accommodations, they shall request as close to their deposit date as possible for case-by-case consideration for on-campus housing and accommodation(s). 
  • Post-Deadline Requests
    • If a need for a housing accommodation request arises outside of the above timelines, students should still follow the same application process. The Assistant Dean of Students for Disability Services & Academic Success will review post-deadline requests and will make every attempt to implement approved accommodations based on current availability. Please note that availability for certain types of accommodations may be limited at later points in the year. 
    • Academic Year 2019-2020
      • Housing accommodation requests made after August 1, 2019 will not be reviewed for approvals that would occur prior to the beginning of the school year. Any requests submitted in August, will be reviewed after the first day of classes and will be approved based on demonstrated need and will be fulfilled pending housing availability.

Link to form: Request for Disability Support Services