August 27, 2002

Facility Officers
Human Resources

Subject: Asbestos Notification Report

Enclosure (1) provides a sample of general notification to Students, Staff, and Faculty relative to asbestos. Enclosure (2) may be modified to suit each Campus. Please coordinate with the Environmental Health and Safety Office (Tony Pennington) for assistance. Tony can be contacted at extension 18538.

Enclosure (2) provides a revised listing of buildings known by the Physical Plant to contain friable asbestos. Please note that many, if not all, of the buildings contain non-friable asbestos, such as transite pipe/boards, roofing felt, vinyl asbestos tile, asbestos containing plaster or dry wall, HVAC duct vibration insulation material, flexible duct material, fire rated door infills, acoustical door infills, heat resistant materials, and/or heat resistant electrical wires, etc. These, as well as the friable materials, will cause no emission of fibers provided the material is in good repair and not disturbed.

If you have any questions about specific material, especially if operational or project work may disturb any suspected Asbestos Containing Material (ACM), please contact the Facilities Director, the Environmental Health and Safety Office, or the Physical Plant.

Rafael Torres
Manager, Engineering and
Construction Services


Enclosure: (1) The Claremont Colleges Operations and Maintenance Program -
Asbestos. Appendix (A) Sample Notification
(2) 2002 Asbestos Report

cc: Al McQuilkin
Tony Pennington
Chauncey Jones
All Supervisors