Mgrublian Center for Human Rights

CMC’s Center for Human Rights has been renamed The Mgrublian Center for Human Rights in honor of Margaret Mgrublian P’11 and David Mgrublian ’82, P’11, generous donors to the Center. Mr. Mgrublian currently serves as chair of CMC’s Board of Trustees.

At a dinner at the Athenaeum, Professor Emeritus John Roth and David Mgrublian spoke about the importance of the Center's work in fighting injustices and atrocities around the globe.

The Center, which grew out of the teachings of Professor Roth on the Holocaust in the early 1970s, has had a couple of name changes since it was launched in 2003 as The Center for the Study of the Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights. In 2009, the Center’s name was changed to The Center for Human Rights Leadership, and in 2014, it became The Center for Human Rights.

Professor Wendy Lower currently directs the Center’s educational efforts, including student advocacy programs to combat genocide and provide relief to those afflicted by it.

Get Involved!

Work-study Student Assistants

The Center is hiring students with strong research, writing and communication skills, and a commitment to the values of the Center. Student Assistants will:

  • Assist the Director and Center Staff with human rights research;
  • Help develop and plan programming related to the Center’s mission;
  • Promote Center events on campus and via social media.

Students must have work-study in order to apply. Other responsibilities may arise during the course of the school year. The approximate time commitment is 10 hours/week. Applications can be found on Claremont Connect and may be submitted to Kirsti Zitar,, Kravis 353. Applications due: Sept. 18.

Student Fellowship Program

The Center is soliciting applications for our student research fellowship program, for AY 2015-16. Students will work closely with the Director and Center Staff on a research project related to human rights, Holocaust, or genocide studies. Fellows will have office space at the Center and access to the Center’s library and other resources and are also eligible to receive funds for research materials and/or field research. Those working on relevant honor’s theses are encouraged to apply. To apply, submit a 2-3 page research proposal, resume, and transcript to Kirsti Zitar,, Kravis 353. The proposal should specify the proposed area of research/study, a research plan, and a brief bibliography. Applications due: Sept. 25.

Task Forces

The Center's Human Rights Task Forces address current national and global human rights problems. Students choose the issues they wish to support and implement activities designed to achieve their group's mission locally as well as beyond the Claremont Colleges. Task Forces engage in monitoring, research brief writing, education, fundraising, and networking with local, national, and international organizations. This year the Center is sponsoring the following human rights Task Forces:

  • Women’s Rights
  • Amnesty International
  • Microfinance / Global Poverty
  • Human Trafficking / Anti-Slavery
  • Liberty in North Korea

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