SVNT Photo Gallery 2007

Applied Materials, Inc.
Hosted by George S. Davis '80, VP/CFI and Joe Pon '89, Corporate Affairs

Photo 1


Booties on, ready to go!

Photo 2



Thank you, George and Joe!

Photo 3



Cisco Systems, Inc.,
Hosted by Alexei Agratchev '99, Senior Manager

Photo 4



Advanced video conferencing

Photo 5



Thank you, Alexei

Photo 6



Google, Inc.,
Hosted by Jonathan Rosenberg '83, Senior VP of Product Management and Mayumi Matsuno '01, Executive Manager

Photo 7



Group sessions with "Googlers"

Photo 8



Thank you, Jonathan and Mayumi!

Photo 9



Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Hosted by Bill MacGowan III '79, Chief HRO/EVP People & Places

Photo 10



Thank you, Bill!

Photo 11



Exclusive meeting with Jonathan Schwartz, CEO

Photo 12



Weston Presidio Capital Management
Hosted by Jim McElwee '74, Partner

Photo 13



Thank you, Jim!

Photo 14



Yahoo! Inc.
Hosted by Todd Teresi '94, VP Global Sales Op

Photo 15
Photo 16



Thank you, Todd!

Photo 17



Alumni Reception with guest speaker Jonathan Rosenberg '83

Photo 18



Thank you, ITAB Chair, Bart Evans '70

Photo 19



Good bye Silicon Valley!

Photo 20