Classroom and Event Support

The Media Technology office provides audio-visual support for classes and special events on the Claremont McKenna College Campus.

Placing a Media Request

To schedule equipment or support, please contact:

Please include the following information:

  1. A contact name and phone number
  2. The type of equipment or support you require
  3. Date and time require equipment or assistance
  4. The location for requested equipment and support

Advance notice of 2 days for weekday requests, and one week notice for weekend requests is appreciated. Please note that we can not guarantee that same day requests will be filled.

We do not support parties or non academic events in dorm rooms or lounges. Students can contact the ASCMC office about equipment for parties.

Conference or Event Planning

If you are planning to hold a conference or any large special event on campus please refer to the event checklist below. It will provide a list of contacts and common services required for events that the Media Technology office is not responsible for.

Event Planning Checklist

Classroom Technology

Every classroom and lecture hall on the CMC campus has some level technology installed. Selecting the building from the list below will provide a description of equipment available in their respective classrooms.

Using Classroom Technology

With only a few exceptions, the classrooms on the CMC campus use the same control system interface.

I have a PowerPoint presentation

With only a few exceptions, all the classrooms on the CMC campus have installed LCD projectors, PC workstations, and cabling to connect a laptop. So they are ready to run your presentation. The workstations are equipped to support USB drives, CD and DVD ROMs, and have U drive access with your CMC login information.

If you are using your laptop please be aware of the following:

  1. Bring your power supply. Sending the display to the projector can rapidly drain battery life, and it may not last the length of your class.
  2. If you are using a MAC, you may need a DVI to VGA adapter. If you do not have the one that came with your laptop originally, you can contact the Media Technology office to check one out.