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To prepare our Fletcher Jones Technology Consultants to meet the challenge, we developed a comprehensive technology training camp, followed by a series of supporting workshops. The technology training camp covered core modules, with additional supporting modules being taught throughout the remainder of the semester. These technology training modules have helped prepare the Technology Consultants to work effectively with faculty provide instruction to students in any of the FITness goals.

Fletcher Jones Technology Consultant - Training Modules
Module FITness Goal(s) Type
Creating Structured Electronic Documents Structured Documents Core
Developing Web Pages using HTML, Dreamweaver and WebCT Structured Documents, Online Communications Core
Creating Effective Presentations and Posters Presentations, Online Communications Core
Basic Statistics with Excel Data Analysis Core
Discipline Specific Online Research, Validity of Source, Appropriateness Online Research Core
Bibliographic Management with RefWorks Online Ethics and Plagiarism Core
Plagiarism and Turn-It-In.com Online Ethics and Plagiarism Core
Querying Databases and Generating Reports Databases Core
Basic Statistics with Stata Data Analysis Additional
Basic Statistics with SPSS Data Analysis Additional
Safe Computing Online Communications Additional
Preparing Image Content for Presentations, Web Pages and Structured Documents Structured Documents, Online Communications Additional
Client Side Java Script Combination Additional
Filming Combination Additional
Video Editing Combination Additional
Wiki sites Combination Additional
Math Applications using MATLAB Data Analysis Additional

In implementing the Fletcher Jones Student Peer to Peer Technology Training Program, we intend to offer students opportunities to attend workshops that meet their schedules on specific skills sets associated with FITness. We will offer workshops on demand. Working in conjunction with the Teaching Resource Center, Fletcher Jones Technology Consultants will schedule a workshop with students whenever three such students are available. Students may request workshops on any aspect of our seven FITness Goals. To prepare our consultants to meet this challenge, we propose to develop a comprehensive technology training camp. These extensive training modules will prepare the consultants to work effectively with faculty, and ready them to provide instruction to students in any of the FITness goals.

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