Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

VCL Reservations

  • How do I print from a remote VCL computer?

    • The connection file (RDP) that is provided by the VCL web interface is configured to connect your local printers to the virtual computer over the network. Microsoft calls this printer redirection and it works with a good number of printers. However, some printers are not supported by Microsoft's drivers. If this is the case you may find that it appears that the printer is working properly, but the printer produces a paper of jibberish. For this purpose, the virtual computers are also configured with a PDF printer called CutePDF. From any application select print and choose CutePDF as the printer. You will be prompted to save a PDF document of your print job. Transfer this file over to your personal computer and print from there.

  • Can I reconnect to a computer if my reservation time has not expired but I disconnected?

    • Yes. Just run Remote Desktop Connection again and login with the same user name and password. You will have 15 minutes to reconnect before your reservation is timed out.

Modifying Reservations

  • I need more time than I thought. How can I get it?

    • Log into the web interface and click Current Reservations. Find your reservation, and click the Edit button. Find the drop-down box that has a time in it, and change it to a longer time. You will only be able to extend the length if the computer your reservation is on has time available before the next reservation.

  • What happens at the end of my reservation?

    • You will receive warning at 10 minutes and 5 minutes before your reservation expires. Once time is up, you are disconnected and any unsaved changes you have made will be permanently lost.

  • I do not receive emails confirming my reservations.

    • Email notification can be enabled/disabled under User Preferences->General Preferences. If email notification is enabled and you are not receiving email please contact the VCL Team at


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