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Keck Journal of Foreign Affairs

The Keck Journal of Foreign Affairs is a student research publication focusing on world events and international relations. The Keck Journal is a platform for student research and also has a daily blog. The Keck Journal editorial team for 2014-2015 is:

Full Year

Fall Semester Only

Spring Semester Only

Henrietta Toivanen ‘17
Xiangyu Ma ‘17

Janice Han '15
Aly Minamide '15
Nadeem Farooqi ‘15

Aman Ghose ‘15
Aleena Ali ‘17
Henry Pellicoro ‘15

Senior Thesis Awards

2016-2017 Senior Thesis Recipients

2014 Senior Thesis Recipients

2011 Senior Thesis Recipients

2010 Senior Thesis Recipients

Fellowship Awards

2011-2012 Fellowship Recipients

2010-2011 Fellowship Recipients