Student Events Fall 2002

September 25
Ambassador David Lambertson, Former Dept of State Director of Korean Affairs, Deputy Chief of Mission in Seoul, Deputy Asst. Sec of State, and Ambassador to Thailand
Freeman Fdn Visiting Professor of Asian Affairs, CMC fall semester
"Episodes in a Career: A Diplomat's Perspective on Asia"

October 4 Workshop: "Korean Unification"
(Heggblade Conference Room)

October 15
The Crisis in the Middle East speaker series
Meron Benvenisti, Ha’artz Hebrew Daily
"The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Ferocious Yet Manageable"

October 31 Kanan Makiya, Author of Cruelty and Silence: War, Tyranny, Uprising, and the Arab World (1999)
Brandeis University
"The Future of Iraq After Saddam"

November 7
William Quandt, Author of Peace Process (2001)
Professor of government and foreign affairs, University of Virginia
"Bush's New strategy for the Middle East"

November 12
Lee Hamilton, Director at Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
"American Foreign Policy since 9/11"
Lunch Lecture

November 13
Professor Edward Haley
W.M. Keck Foundation Professor of International Strategic Studies
"U.S. Strategy in the 21st Century"

November 14
Sung Chul Yang, Korean Ambassador to the United States
"U.S.-Korea Relations"