Student Events Fall 2003

September 23
Student Orientation Session on International Studies
Information session for students to meet faculty/staff and learn about the international studies programs and events at CMC.
Bauer Center/Founders Room

September 30
Dr. Michael Armacost, Shorenstein Distinguished Fellow in the Asia/Pacific Research Center Institute of International Studies, Stanford University (formerly Under Secretary of State and Ambassador to Japan)
"Challenges and Opportunities in America's Relations with East Asia"

October 1
Professor William Stueck
History Department, The University of Georgia
"The Korean War: The Legacy for U.S.-Korean Relations"

October 6
Professor Chang Il-Ohn, Korean Military Academy
"The South Korean Military and the Korean War"

November 4
Professor Susan Shirk
Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, UCSD
"China Rising: Responsible Power or Future Threat?"
Lunch Program

November 19
Lawrence Chickering, President of Educate Girls Globally
Research Fellow at Hoover Institute, Stanford
"Educating Women in the Third World"
Lunch Program

November 24
Ambassador Ronald Lehman '68, Director at Center for Global Security Research, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
"How to Deal with Weapons of Mass Destruction"
Lunch Program