Student Events Fall 2005

Lecture Series: "Asia in Flux"

September 27
Dae-Sook Suh
University of Hawaii
"Trust in U.S.-Korea Relations"
Lunch Program

October 6
Ellis S. Krauss
UC San Diego
"Japan's September 11: A Critical Election — What it Meant, What's it Going to Mean?"
Lunch Program

October 13
David Lampton
Johns Hopkins University
"U.S.-China Relations in the Context of Growing PRC Power"
Dinner Program

October 20
David Elliott
Pomona College
"Rethinking Vietnam"
Lunch Program

October 20
Sheldon Garon
Princeton University
"Japan's History Problem— The legacies of WWII for Japan's role in Asia and the World"
Bauer Forum 7 P.M. Lecture

November 15
Professor Ezra Vogel
Harvard University
Co-sponsored with CMC History Department (Professor Arthur Rosenbaum), Gould Center for Humanistic Studies, and the Athenaeum
"Needed: A New US-Asian Policy to Respond to the Rise of China"
Dinner Program

Co-sponsored Events:

September 29
Gary Pak
University of Hawaii, Manoa
Co-sponsored with CMC History Department (Professor David Yoo) and the Athenaeum
"Living with Spirits, Writing as Activism"