Student Events Spring 2006

Freeman Foundation Visiting Professors of Asian Affairs

March 7-8
Yoichi Funabashi, Chief Diplomatic Correspondent and Columnist for the Japanese newspaper, Asahi Shimbun
Freeman Foundation Visiting Professor of Asian Affairs
"The Future of U.S.-Japan Relations in the Post-American Century"
Ath dinner/Lecture, March 7

April 2-6
Ambassador Sung Joo Han, President, Seoul Forum of International Affairs
Freeman Foundation Visiting Professor of Asian Affairs
Former Acting President of Korea University, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Former South Korean Ambassador to the United States
Revisiting Korea-U.S. Alliance
Ath dinner/Lecture, April 5


March 29
M. Steven Fish, Author of Democracy Derailed in Russia: The Failure of Open Politics
Associate Professor of Political Science, UC Berkeley
"Democracy Derailed in Russia"
Athenaeum dinner/Lecture (Host Hilary Appel)

April 10
Cameron Hurst Professor of Japanese and Korean Studies, University of Pennsylvania
"Whiter Japan? The Future of US-Japan Relations"
Athenaeum lunch/Lecture (11:45)


March 24
Law, Diplomacy, and War
Bauer Founders Room