Student Events Spring 2008

January 31
Dmitry Dubrovsky
Chair, Department of Ethnography, European University, St. Petersburg
"Human Rights in Russia"
Athenaeum Dinner Lecture

Freeman Foundation Visiting Professor

February 7
Ambassador Kazuhiko Togo

Seoul National University
"Japan's Foreign Policy: Between the Pacific Ocean and the Asian Continent"
Athenaeum Dinner Lecture

February 19
Chong Wook Chung

Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University
"Asia and America in 2008"
Athenaeum Dinner Lecture

February 28
Rüdiger Frank 

Professor of East Asian Economy and Society, East Asian Institute, University of Vienna
"Changing North Korea: Beyond the Point of No Return?"
Athenaeum Dinner Lecture

April 10
Conference: America and Asia: Changing Strategic Relations

Bauer Center Founders Room


February 20
Efraim Inbar

Director of the Begin-Sadat Institute for Strategic Studies, Bar Ilan University in Israel
"Israel's Search for Peace and Security in the Middle East"

March 27
Bruce Cumings

University of Chicago
"Back to the Future: Clinton, Bush and North Korea"