CMC and India

Raman Research Institute
The Lotus Temple in Delhi is one of India's modern landmarks.

Throughout its long and storied history, CMC has proudly espoused its commitment to progressive education in all its tracks and forms. It is a commitment that also encompasses the idea of "giving back" whenever and wherever possible to organizations and institutions that might benefit from the knowledge and expertise of CMC's students and faculty.

CMC enjoys a long-standing history of relations with India. During her tenure as CMC president, Pamela Gann visited India on multiple occasions reaching out to prospective Indian students in order to globalize our student body. CMC's current president, Hiram Chodosh, has been recognized for his collaborative role in the growth of mediation in India. In addition, CMC has hosted special educational programs in India in the past conducted by Professors Kumar and Humes.

In the past five years, twenty-nine students have received CMC funding for summer internships in multiple locations throughout India. Our students are also interested in semester-length study-abroad opportunities in India, and in applying for Fulbright and other grants for teaching, research, and language study.

The college’s commitment to India as one-sixth of the world's population is steadfast. CMC recognizes India’s pride of place as the world's largest democracy, our growing mutual proximity as cultures open to new models of teaching and entrepreneurship, and perhaps the fusion of both.

For these reasons, sponsoring The Future of Liberal Arts in India conference is a perfect fit for CMC.