Overview of the Conference

Raman Research Institute
The grounds of the Raman Research Institute in Bangalore, India.

Until quite recently, the value of a liberal arts and sciences education on the Indian continent was given short shrift when compared to other forms of education. This three-day conference (co-sponsored by CMC) will explore how the liberal arts and sciences in India are taking root in the form of new institutions and initiatives while building their own academic traditions that, in turn, will create a lasting and meaningful impact on Indian society.

In light of advances in online education, instructional methods and curriculum are quickly converging and impacting the way subjects are taught. Taking this situation into account, the conference will conduct panel discussions and workshops where leading educators will discuss the future landscape of education in India, including such topics as:

  • Best strategies for implementing online and liberal arts higher education in India in a way that will help solve challenges the country faces in the new millennium.
  • How liberal arts education can help create a new generation of graduates trained to think creatively about complex issues such as the urban-rural divide and the rapidly developing nature of the Indian economy.
  • How merging science and technology with humanities, philosophy and the arts can address some of the deeper issues facing India.
  • How the liberal arts and sciences provide “holistic” education that fosters creative and independent thought and can liberate people to pursue their passions and expand their capacities in all fields.
  • How a liberal arts and sciences education will foster a more balanced perspective about the world and how such an education can lead to job creation that will imbue graduates with a sense of social responsibility.