Conference Panels

Raman Research Institute
A night view of the Raman Research Institute in Bangalore, India, where the conference will be held.

First Day

Plenary Panel Discussion I: What is the right balance between broad access to higher education — scalability and affordability — and building excellence and selectivity?
Panelists: Dileep Ranjekar (Azim Premji), Radhika Herzberger (Rishi Valley), Pramath Sinha (Ashoka), Pawan Agarwal (Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development).

Plenary Panel Discussion II: How can Indian higher education better reflect the full richness of India’s culture — its diverse heritage and array of religious and spiritual traditions, and its deep literature? And what impacts would such a new form of higher education have on the future of India?
Panelists: Vasudha Dalmia (Yale), Rajan Chandy (Rishi Valley), Tara Kini (Shristi School), Nita Kumar (CMC).

Second Day

Session A, Panel I: Science in liberal arts institutions
Panelists: Somak Raychaudhury (Presidency University, Kolkata), Arjendu Pattanayak (Carleton), Priya Natarajan (Yale), Urbasi Sinha (RRI), Sharada Srinivasan (NIAS).

Session B, Panel II: Common curriculum and general education models
Panelists include: Anitha Kurup (NIAS), Rajaram Kudli (Prajnan Enterprises), Usha Rajaram (Azim Premji), Nikhil Sinha (Shiv Nadar).

Session A, Panel III: Humanities for 21st-century India — what is the best approach?
Panelists include: Rajeev Patke (Yale-NUS), Beth McKinsey (Carleton), Cynthia Humes (CMC), Satish Inamdar (KFI), Jerome Nirmalraj (St. Joseph's College), and Supriya Choudary (Jadavpur University, Kolkata).

Session B, Panel IV: Experiential learning, internships, and science research for undergraduates at liberal arts institutions
Panelists include: Sarah Smith Orr (CMC), Bidushi Bhattacharya (CMC, Scripps, and Pitzer Colleges), Rajaram Nityananda (NCRA and Azim Premji), Brian McAddoo (Yale-NUS), Kavita Wankhade (IIHS).

Plenary Panel Discussion III: How can higher education help sustain India’s environment and economic growth throughout the 21st century — political and scientific dimensions?
Panelists include: Amlan Goswami (IIHS), Steven Wilkinson (Yale), Brian McAddoo (Yale-NUS), Radha Gopalan (Rishi Valley), Dilip Ahuja (NIAS).

Third Day

Plenary Panel Discussion IV: How can liberal arts and sciences help address some of the societal problems within India and promote equity in society with regards to gender, caste and region?
Panelists include: Smita Premchandar (Sampark NGO), Swati Dandekar (filmmaker), Shekhar Seshadri (NIMHANS), Zayn Kassam (Pomona College), Anita Reddy (Dwaraka Trust).

To view the entire The Future of Liberal Arts in India conference program, please click on this link: Conference Program.