Mobile Devices

Mobile devices such as a PDAs and smartphones are a great way to stay connected to CMC while away from a workstation. In order to offer the best possible experience for mobile users, Information Technology Services tests and supports all Windows Mobile devices. All major cell phone carriers have a few options of Windows Mobile devices to choose from.

Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) technology

ITS also provides limited support for mobile devices that utilize Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) technology to connect to CMC's Microsoft Exchange mail servers. This limited support consists of the information necessary for you to work with your wireless provider to configure your device to sync with our infrastructure. Click here to access EAS configuration parameters.

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to test each and every device and maintain support for any issues, however, we do ensure that our mail infrastructure meets the requirements of the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) technology.

The following are some popular manufacturers that have licensed Microsoft's EAS technology:

  • Apple   The iPhone uses EAS technology to sync email, calendars, and contacts with Microsoft Exchange mail servers.
  • Palm   Palm offers several smartphones that run on the Windows Mobile operating system. These devices are fully supported due to the Windows Mobile operating system. Palm also supports EAS on devices using the Palm OS such as the Treo 755p and Centro series smartphones.

Unsupported Devices

Devices that do not work with Microsoft Exchange Activesync (EAS) technology are not supported.


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