Claremont International Relations Society Hosts 2013 Career Conference

The Claremont International Relations Society (CIRS), a 5C group, will be hosting a one-day Career Conference on Friday, March 8 that is open to students from all the colleges. The conference, which will be held on campus in the Founders Room in Bauer Center, is aimed at students who wish to learn about careers in different areas from experienced CMC alumni.

CIRS is a student group interested international relations. According to Faith Hanna ’14, the career conference was organized to give insight into careers in the international arena.

“We wanted to give an opportunity for students from The Claremont Colleges to gain practical knowledge from experts in different career areas who are involved in the international area,” Hanna says. “The conference is organized into different panels so that people can participate according to their interests.”

The conference has panels with experts in business, nonprofits, government, consulting, and international law. The keynote speaker is Talmadge O’Neill, co-founder of Juvo Capital (a company investing in early- and late-stage ventures), VivoPools, and His address as well as the luncheon will take place in the Parents Dining Room of the Athenaeum.

Although the CIRS Career Conference has been held intermittently in past years, Hanna says that the group plans on organizing one each year to afford the opportunity for students to engage with speakers and CMC alumni.

“Moving forward, we would like to have alumni attend from all the colleges,” says Hanna, an international relations major.

According to the CMCer, 80 registrants or more are expected to attend different panels addressing careers in government, nonprofits, business, consulting and international law.

Students interested in any of these careers should attend, says Hanna. “It will also be a chance to network with alumni and expand students' professional networks. For those who have registered or just want to drop by, dress is business-casual.”

Founded six years ago, CIRS is open to students from the five undergraduate Claremont Colleges. Its purpose is to be a group for students to share interests and ideas about international topics. In addition to its annual career conference, the group organizes movie screenings and assists in scheduling speakers for the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum. CIRS members attend conferences and organize panels and private events that address international themes.