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Creating marketing materials is a collaborative process. This document briefly describes the Creative Services (CS) Policy and Procedures to produce materials.

  • Projects generally require at least six weeks to produce
  • Some projects may require more time, depending on complexity, approvals and printing. Please contact CS several weeks in advance for a timeline specific to your project and expected delivery.
Creative Services can coordinate the development and production of:
  • Communication campaigns and programs
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Invitations, announcements, save-the-date postcards
  • Advertisements and more
Role of Creative Services (CS)
  • Edit and polish copy when needed
  • Help develop concepts, design and format
  • Manage design and print production
  • Provide other creative content as needed
  • Negotiate contracts with external vendors and track project progress
  • Schedule production and delivery
Role of Client
  • Choose a project manager to communicate with CS and secure all necessary department approvals
  • Have internal department discussions on what is needed, provide example designs when possible and clearly define goals and expectations
  • Submit CS request form below
  • Manage gathering of content, copy, and images
  • Client to adhere to timeline provided and follow up on status of project, especially when a firm deadline is requested
  • Proof and approve final content and design carefully
  • Approve and pay for printing costs and other outsourcing costs, as necessary
  • Save final PDFs of projects if changes will be required in the future
  • Creative Services will select printer for project and provide a quote based on quantity and design. If client wishes to use their own printer, CS will deliver a hi-res PDF for printing once design is approved
  • Printers are not permitted to make any changes to a PDF or file without approval from CS
  • Design cannot proceed until bulk of content is received. If client is late with the content, target delivery date will be adjusted
  • Content should be sent as one package, if possible, with clear instructions
  • Public Affairs reserves the right to outsource design and other creative support if internal resourcing does not allow for the project completion within the timeframe specified. Client may be required to cover costs for an outside designer
Graphic Design Request Form