Heather Siegel '12 Quoted in Wall Street Journal Regarding Cost of Doing Business Survey

CMC graduate, valedictorian, and Fulbright recipient Heather Siegel '12 is quoted in a story in the Aug. 15 edition of The Wall Street Journal: California's Boom Masks State's Uneven Recovery.
The story, as illustrated by the title, reports on the fact that even though California added jobs "faster than the rest of the nation over the past year," the financial rebounding is not statewide, and in fact, unemployment in the Golden State (10.7 percent) is still higher than all but two states, notes staff writers Scott Thurm and Pui-Wing Tam.
Siegel is the assistant student manager at the Rose Institute of State and Local Government at CMC, and managed its most recent Kosmont-Rose Institute Cost of Doing Business Survey. "California remains an expensive state to do business," Siegel told the WSJ. The survey ranked 421 cities; 16 of the 50 most expensive were in California, including San Francisco and Los Angeles.