Working Vacation Part Two

Kelsey Brown '13 is interning with L-Atitude, a fashion e-commerce start-up based in Manhattan, NYC. L-Atitude is different than your average New York City fashion online retailer because it blends fashion with travel. Kelsey states, "We sell products from the all over the globe from boutiques and vendors that you wouldn't have access to in many places. I really like working for L-Atitude because the company is small, and it is both an online store and has a killer blog, which is also half the fun."
In her time so far with L-Atitude, Kelsey has been able to learn a lot more about how PR/Marketing and Editorial transfers to the fashion industry. She also gets to work on some unique creative projects and "learn from professionals that have [her] dream jobs."
Kelsey's primary responsibilities are to build the site's blog content and be the voice of the company's social media presence, but assisting with merchandising, photoshoots and press events is also on her list of duties. Kelsey continues, "It has been apparent from the first day that L-Atitude girls wear many hats and are jacks of all trades."
Kelsey was introduced to L-Atitude by recent CMC grad, Erica Bellman '12, who has worked with the company in the past. "My interests are different than those of most CMC students, and so it is a bit more difficult to find internship opportunities. But, despite that, I have been able to gain invaluable experience at CMC through my work at our very own Office of Public Affairs & Communications, as well as my experience being a writer and editor for the Forum, both of which prepared me well for my internship this summer."
Check out L-Atitudes blog to see Kelsey's posts here.
Former Public Affairs & Communications intern, Sean McQueen '13, is working for Atlassian Software. Sean's internship started at Atlassian's headquarters in Sydney, Australia. After a month in Sydney, he moved to San Francisco, where he will complete his internship.
Atlassian is unique because it is a software company that builds software for other software companies. Sean explains, "It sounds weird, but they build tools to help engineers elsewhere, like Coca-Cola and Boeing, manage their workflow and keep track of buds. Atlassian uses its products to build its products, which is cool."
Sean is one of only 5 interns on his team to build a feature for Atlassian this summer (fun fact: Parth Padgoankar '13 is also on the team). Sean's title is the User Experience Intern. McQueen explains, "I design the experience of the feature we build the look and feel of the product. Everyone else on the team is a software engineering intern (they can write a lot more code than I can)." Sean's primary responsibilities include user experience design, interaction design, graphic design, and product management.
Sean was introduced to Atlassian by recent grand Alex Berman '12. "Alex and I worked together on a number of academic projects this year. He worked as a Product Management Intern at Atlassian last summer. After I discovered and applied for the internship on my own, he helped me connect with the right people. There were 3 rounds of interviews, but I ended up getting a 'yes' call at the end!" Andie Wheatley '13 is interning right here in Los Angeles this summer at NBC Universal Universal CityWalk. Her division of Universal handles the entertainment of CityWalk at Universal Studios. Andie states, "We have an amazing summer concert series coming up and we work with the park on upcoming projects from NBCUniversal. We also have a great street performer program that has been a tradition for a very long time."
Andie's interests in entertainment, PR, and music match up perfectly with her internship at Universal where she gets a lot of hands on experience in the entertainment industry. She does everything from researching possible performers, to connecting with Universal CityWalk's fanbase via social media networking, to listening to submissions from artists who want to perform at the 5 Towersstage at CityWalk. Andie has also had the opportunity to work as a photographer for the concert series. At the end of the summer, Andie will be giving a presentation to the President of Universal Studios about the program where she will be discussing her proposal for the improvement of the Street Performer program.
Andie has previously interned with Warner Music Group in publicity as well as a music management company in Nashville.