Board of Governors

Spencer Abraham P'19
Chairman and CEO of the Abraham Group, and former Secretary of Energy and United States Senator

Larry Arnn
President, Hillsdale College
Hillsdale, MI

Mark Blitz
CMC Fletcher Jones Professor of Political Philosophy
Claremont, CA

Joseph Bessette
CMC Tuohy Prof. of Govt and Ethics
Claremont, CA

T. William Boxx
Chairman/CEO Phillip McKenna Fdn.
Latrobe, PA

Peter Clark (emeritus)
CEO (emeritus) Detroit News Assoc. & Gannett Co., Inc.
La Jolla, CA

Christopher DeMuth
Distinguished Fellow Hudson Institute
Washington DC

Robert Ernst III '74, P'05, P'10
Director Banbury Fund, Inc.
Carmel, CA

Charles Kesler
Dengler-Dykema Distinguished Professor of Government
Claremont, CA

William Kristol (Chairman)
The Weekly Standard
Washington, DC

Diane McGimsey ‘99
Sullivan and Cromwell
Santa Monica, CA

Vincent Phillip Munoz '93
Associate Professor of Religion & Public Life
Department of Political Science at University of Notre Dame
South Bend, IN

James Piereson
President of the William E. Simon Foundation
New York, NY

Michael Uhlmann
Professor of Government, Claremont Graduate University
Claremont, CA